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Interior Innovation Award 2014

Interior Innovation Award 2014

Interior Innovation Award 2014 goes to new VOLA built-in soap dispenser

Pht Interior Innovation Award 2014

The new VOLA RS10 – built-in soap dispenser has won Interior Innovation Award 2014.
As price winner VOLA RS10 will be part of a special exhibition on the fair imm cologne in January together with 15 products from other categories. Then a second votation will take place to find the winner of Interior Innovation Award 2014 – Best of Best 2014.

The built-in soap dispenser was launched in November 2013 and is part of a new complete hands-free solution for restrooms. Speaking about VOLA key words are aesthetics, innovation, and functionality. These words are reflected in the two new products in the award-winning VOLA Round Series: The electronic hands-free soap dispenser and cistern flush. Now the smartest corporate offices, restaurants, hotel foyers, museums, galleries and concert halls can offer their washroom visitors the total versatility of VOLA.

VOLA founder Verner Overgaard introduced the idea of revealing only the elegant parts of a product to the user. His designs carefully hide the mechanical parts in the wall. The result is solutions that are both functionally efficient and aesthetically pleasing. The new products take the Round Series one step further. In a public space purity and hygiene are central. Like the other elements, the electronic soap dispenser and cistern flush are built-in and beautifully aligned to the wall. But they are also completely contact-free, using the latest technology to provide a totally clean and relaxing experience.

The Round Series for the luxury washroom already features the built-in waste bin and the built-in tissue dispenser. Together with the classic VOLA hands-free tap and electronic cistern flush, the new soap dispenser takes the outer circle as the core of its design and translates it into a highly innovative product. VOLA is all about continuity. But it’s also about choice. The modular nature of the VOLA washroom means customers can combine any products - choosing their finish, colour and functional details - to create a co-ordinated and cohesive space. Whatever their combination, the complete VOLA hands-free set of products is pure, compact, water-saving and effortlessly beautiful.

As a key element of the Round Series, the electronic soap dispenser is based on the soothing VOLA circle. Echoing the other products, it is aligned to the wall and the circular rim is available in several finishes: polished chrome, brushed chrome, brushed stainless steel and 14 different colours. Since VOLA is all about the customer, the dispenser illuminates on entry to welcome the user. Its smooth inner section comes in elegant black or white. The electronic soap dispenser is available with either soft crème soap or foam. And for crème soap there are four different pre-set soap volumes to cater for customer preference. The volume dispensed can be adjusted by maintenance staff. The dispenser’s built-in design is space-saving and keeps the washroom spotless. The soap dispenser is very easy to maintain. Two colour indicators show the soap level and warn when a refill is needed.

Like the soap dispenser, the brand-new VOLA cistern flush is elegantly aligned to the wall and totally contact-free. Two sensors, each contained in an understated circular design, sit side by side. One for a full flush, the other for a water-saving half flush - using the classic design language half circle. Alternatively, there is a single sensor option for full flush only. Harmonising with the other Round Series products, the cistern flush comes in polished chrome, brushed chrome, brushed stainless steel or 14 different colours.

The new VOLA products are designed by Aarhus Arkitekterne.

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