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Round Series

Round Series

– new modular design concept for a waste-bin and paper tissue holder by VOLA

Good Design Award1 VOLA Round Series

With its new modular design concept of a built-in waste-bin and paper tissue holder VOLA offers new creative possibilities to work with space and materials in the bathroom.  
By combining the texture and colour of the wall and the choice of finish of the rings and colour of the front plate the architect or interior designer can create individual and extraordinary design solutions.

Under the headline “Celebrating continuity – celebrating change” VOLA translates its design DNA into new products for the bathroom. The founder of VOLA Verner Overgaard introduced the idea of hiding the technical parts in the wall. This idea is taken as the starting point for the Round Series. The circle as a geometrical shape is a key element of the VOLA design, and with the latest products the circle is translated into new dimensions. The finishes of the outer ring in either high-polished chrome or brushed stainless steel combined with the fronts in white or black – or for larger projects in any colour - create the reference to the VOLA taps and accessories in the room. For later renovations the fronts can be replaced if another colour is preferred.

“It is our strategy to offer new VOLA products to the contract market and the private luxury market giving architects and building owners more possibilities to create holistic design solutions for elegant bathroom and washrooms by choosing products of the same design” says Director of International Sales and Marketing, Birthe Tofting.

The Round Series is designed by aarhus arkitekterne A/S. When they were designing the VOLA Acad¬emy aarhus arkitekterne were asked to design a new series of free-standing mixers as well as a new towel warmer. For the VOLA Academy Aarhus Arkitekterne also developed an interior design concept for the display of VOLA products that is used in the VOLA showrooms in Amsterdam, Copenhagen, London, Vienna, Munich - and Brussels to be opened in May. This is an example of a “Gesamtkunstwerk” – of a holistic approach to architecture and design where the various disciplines are integrated to form a unified whole.

The design process is not only concentrated on a product, but just as much on the values of the company. It is a necessity that the de¬signer has a clear understanding of what the company stands for and also in which direction its’ visions are  taking. Only through these insights is it possible to design products that represent the company brand. “We analysed the brand carefully to find the unique VOLA DNA. We analysed the relationship between the different shapes and dimensions and how they relate to each other. It can be the way the geometries meet or the way they are finished to form a balanced composi-tion that communicates the feeling of quality, luxury and elegance. In the VOLA design the quality lies in the details.  A product should not only be an aesthetic experience it must also be a quality experience when the product is in use. It is important to study the user-friendliness seen from many perspectives like that of the hotel guest, the cleaning staff, the plumbers that are going to install and maintain the products”, says Head of the Design Dept. of aarhus arkitekterne, Torben Madsen.

VOLA has a strong design heritage that Arne Jacobsen and Verner Overgaard created more than 40 years ago. This design heritage is the crown jewels of the company and is managed accordingly by the sons of Verner Overgaard, Carsten and Poul Overgaard and the product committee. Every small step is considered and discussed very carefully. However, VOLA does not want to be a museum, VOLA wants still to be innovative and revolutionary within its field which is what VOLA was from the very beginning,

With the new products we are challenging our own as well as our partners’ idea of the VOLA brand, which is what all innovative brands must do. We have done that before. 
First time was in 1989 when the ceramic disc technology, and thus the lever handle was introduced. We listened to both VOLA “fundamentalists” who were against the lever handle, and the VOLA “innovators” who asked for new technology, and at the end we decided to take the brave step. However, to feel this personal involvement from our VOLA fans from both sides was fantastic and showed their deep respect and personal commitment to the VOLA brand, says Birthe Tofting.

The waste bin is available as a built-in waste bin to be opened by a push by hand or knee or as a stay open / after fit version to be hung on the wall. This version comes in two sizes.


The first VOLA taps were designed in 1968 by Arne Jacobsen for the National Bank of Den¬mark. VOLA taps and mixers have now been produced in Denmark for more than 40 years. The traditional Scandinavian craftsmanship and the most modern engineering technology ensure the highest standard of precision and quality finishing.

aarhus arkitekterne A/S is a Danish architectural firm with offices in Aarhus and Copenhagen. With its’ approximately 60 employees it is among the 20 largest architectural firms in Denmark. One of its’ main fields of activity is building hospitals in Denmark as well as abroad. Town halls, concert buildings, schools, shopping centers, domiciles are included in their portfolio as well.


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In choosing VOLA you become part of the enduring heritage of iconic Danish design and exceptional craftsmanship.

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