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The Danish Way of Mindful Living On design

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Filmography by Chris Turner

Photography by Jonas-Bjerre Poulson


A way of life and peace of mind

For centuries, human beings have sought happiness and wellbeing through a connection with nature. From Neolithic stone circles to today’s resurgence of interest in sustainable and organic products, we have a primal need to have relationships with spaces and objects that resonate in a profound and purposeful way. This philosophy has been embraced by many cultures, but in Denmark it is engrained into everything we do – at home, at work and in our daily lives.

At VOLA, our understanding of this philosophy has informed how we design and manufacture our products for over 50 years. From respect for natural resources to shaping how we experience our interactions with water, it is about creating moments that allow us to reconnect with nature and enhance our wellbeing.

At home, we can’t help but explore how we feel about the spaces we inhabit and the objects that we interact with. Our in-built desire to pursue contentment always propels us, regardless of how busy and all-consuming our lives might be. That feeling of contentment comes in many forms, but is always at its strongest when it comes from purity, simplicity and integrity.

The natural world is where these qualities are in abundance, so it’s no surprise that is where we turn, even when we are indoors. Natural materials and forms in the home act as touchstones, a way of calming our thinking, recalibrating and achieving balance.

Of course, wellbeing is about much more than just how things look and feel. The power of good design to enhance our life extends to how we experience functionality too. When Arne Jacobsen designed the first VOLA tap, function played just as important a role as form and that unique balance hasn’t fundamentally changed since 1968. The technology behind the aesthetic is what makes a product stand the test of time - an investment in design excellence that makes our experience at home more pleasurable and meaningful.

Our wellbeing is also intrinsically linked to our own values and beliefs. If we surround ourselves with objects and experiences that match these, we feel more congruent, more connected. Humans have always valued longevity, even when trends have sometimes veered towards the throw-away. Respect for natural resources is a timeless element of any community. If we know that an object is long-lasting, even that it will remain useful and beautiful long after we have gone, it confirms a sense of permanence that the ephemeral can never achieve.

In Danish culture, our attitude towards natural resources is informed by our ancient landscape. We design and make every product in Denmark and recycle 100% of the natural materials we use. Once a VOLA product has been introduced into a space, it remains through the generations; that’s why we ensure we can supply replacement internal parts for every product we make.

As we find ourselves increasingly questioning how our homes affect and reflect us, it’s no surprise that the dual roles of nature and design are more significant than ever. A simple shape, a pure form, an object that is effortless to use – these are the moments that bring more meaning to the everyday. And more meaning in turn brings deeper contentment and happiness.

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